3D Lipo Packages

Full Body Fat Freezing

10 Fat freeze cups to target any stubborn areas of fat that you can grab and would love to go!
Areas such as tummy, love handles, inner thighs, knees, arms, underneath the buttocks.
A package for sculpting and shaping the body!

The ”Mum Tum’ Package

This package uses one large fat freeze cup session on the lower stomach, followed by an 8 week course of skin tightening and shockwave therapy all over the stomach to lift and firm tummies. (60 mins)

The ‘Brazilian Bum Lift’ Package

Do you want your bum more perky and smoother?
This is the package for you! With a fat freeze session on the pocket of fat underneath the buttocks, then a course of skin tightening radio-frequency plus shockwave therapy to smooth any cellulite and break down fat! (60 mins)

Mid Section Package

The mid section package focusses on the stomach and legs, we use three fat freeze cups, one on the stomach one on either thigh. Following this is an 8 week course using all technologies to break down fat, tighten skin, banish cellulite and much more! (90 mins)

Bingo Wings Package

Thats right! We have a package just for bingo wings which includes a fat freeze on each arm, then an 8 week course of skin tightening (30 mins)


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